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      <JournalTitle>International Journal of Engineering, Science and</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Volume 7, Issue 4 Special Issue (NCIME)</Volume-Issue>
      <Season>April 2018 </Season>
      <ArticleType>Engineering, Science and Mathematics</ArticleType>
          <FirstName>N.Indhusekaran* C.Austine raj*</FirstName>
          <FirstName>P* Ferdinand livi jospeh* A.Mohamed</FirstName>
      <Abstract>Painting is a repetitive, exhausting and hazardous process which makes it an ideal case for automation. To reduce the electric consumption in painting pneumatics are used instead of electronic spray gun. Painting had been automated in automotive industry but not yet for the construction industry. This conceptual design is used to paint any object in all industries.  In this paper, the conceptual design of automated painting is described using pneumatic operated single and double acting cylinders consisting of a spray gun that paint the object vertically and horizontally using solenoid valves is fitted on a mild steel frame to give the linear feed motion to cover the painting surface. The design objective is to satisfy the criteria of simplicity, low weight, low cost and fast painting time. Timers and relays are fitted on the solenoid valve   to adjust the motion limits  and painting time . A control system is designed to guide the motion of cylinder and spray gun.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>Automation, Timers, Relays, Pneumatics.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.ijesm.co.in/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=5210&amp;title=DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF AUTOMATED SPRAY PAINTING USING PNEUMATICS</Abstract>