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      <JournalTitle>International Journal of Engineering, Science and</JournalTitle>
      <Volume-Issue>Volume 7, Issue 4 (3) </Volume-Issue>
      <Season>April 2018 (Special Issue FBSA)</Season>
      <ArticleType>Engineering, Science and Mathematics</ArticleType>
      <ArticleTitle>Bioremediation of phosphate solubilising bacteria isolated from the nearby areas of Sundarban</ArticleTitle>
          <FirstName>Biswajit Saha? Aparna</FirstName>
      <Abstract>Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) enhances phosphorous availability in soils through dissolving inorganic P pool. Microbial biodegradation is the use of bioremediation __ampersandsign biotransformation methods to harness the naturally occurring ability of microbial xenobiotic metabolism to degrade, transform or accumulate environmental pollutants, including hydrocarbons such as oil, polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), metals etc. Biological processes play a major role in the removal of contaminants __ampersandsign take advantage of the catabolic versatility of microorganisms to degrade or convert such compounds. In this study we have isolated three prominent phosphate solubilising bacteria that also have different hydrocarbon degrading property. PSB were screened on Pikovskaya Agar media. The efficiency of different PSB isolates for phosphate solubilization was evaluated from the zone they formed on agar plates of PVK by solubilising the tri calcium phosphate of the medium. Hydrocarbons of different origin like petrol, diesel, kerosene etc were used in 1% concentration in Bushnell Hass media to determine their degradation capabilities. Different microbiological __ampersandsign biochemical test were performed to determine the optimum condition required for microbial growth. The results of this phosphate solubilization __ampersandsign hydrocarbon degradation are encouraging __ampersandsign need to be confirmed under field condition.</Abstract>
      <Keywords>PSB; Xenobiotic; Polyaromatic hydrocarbon; Pikovskaya Agar; Bushnell Haas media.</Keywords>
        <Abstract>https://www.ijesm.co.in/ubijournal-v1copy/journals/abstract.php?article_id=5431&amp;title=Bioremediation of phosphate solubilising bacteria isolated from the nearby areas of Sundarban</Abstract>